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First Aid

Always be ready to face any emergency. Equip yourself with first aid training in Kochi from International Training and Consultancy – the leading training and consultancy firm in the country today.

Certified first aid training courses in Kochi

EGES Institute offers comprehensive training and consultancy solutions for both companies and professionals in Kochi and . We specialise in providing certified training and courses in the areas of Occupational Health, Environment, and Safety. Our in-house team of trainers and consultants offer more than four decades of collective experience in various practices, including Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment.

This allows us to provide not only a better understanding of technical concepts, but also real-world insight and actual field application. With our first aid course, candidates are equipped with the tools and information to deal with emergencies in real-time. They will be taught how to respond to situations according to the specific needs of the patient. Our first aid course will include the essentials of being a first responder:

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  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CRP)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Incident and patient analysis
  • Stopping profuse bleeding
  • Addressing seizures
  • Remedy to allergic reactions
  • Attending to fractures

Flexible training courses and classes to fit into your schedule

To maximise the learning experience, our training courses are customised to accommodate the schedules of candidates. Classes and sessions can be scheduled on the weekends or after work hours, depending on the availability of attendees.